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Please make sure to read ALL information below prior to registration so you understand what this outdoor term will look like and what to expect and plan ahead for.

    First and foremost, please realize that that although group sizes will have capacity limitations based off team capacity travel sizes limits and resources, that registration will not be handled on a first come first serve basis. The focus of the Jr United Program will remain as it always has, on development first. With appreciating the fact that Jr United interested has grown, we have had to put some restrictions into place to balance intake and proper development along with the travel capacity limitations. Please see below.

      1. Although parents can go online and register their child/children born in the following years :2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 for Outdoor 2023 Jr United, this does NOT guarantee them a spot for this term.

      2. There will be a 1-month opportunity to register for Outdoor Jr United – MARCH 26th is the deadline!

      3. After the month timeframe has completed, numbers of registrations will be assessed per age category to see if they have met or exceeded the capacity limits below.

      these are based off the Grand Rapids Cup tournament capacity limits per age group and that coaching staff are mandated to have TWO team size limits if the registration numbers allow for it (for 2015 to 2012 born players) or ONE team limit size (for 2011 born players). Here are the minimum number of players per age group based on that:

      2015 born players – 20 (7 v 7 x 2 teams)
      2014 born players – 20 (7 v 7 x 2 teams)
      2013 born players – 28 (9 v 9 x 2 teams)
      2012 born players – 28 (9 v 9 x 2 teams)
      2011 born players – 16 (11 v 11 x 1 team)

      4. if any of the groups above exceed their capacity numbers above after the month’s timeframe has ended ALL players from that group will be invited out to the NCC in late March to be properly assessed by their coaching staff. Please realize that assessments will NOT be purely talent driven but will also include Jr United history and commitment to the program; coaches will be mandated to fill their minimum number sizes based on the above after this assessment period. Parents will be informed of which players move on with the Outdoor term and those who do not will be fully reimbursed for the Jr United Outdoor term fee of $275; so confirming that although you will have the ability to register for Jr United that you are NOT guaranteed to proceed with Outdoor 2023 until notified from your coaching staff in late March

      5. those groups who do NOT fully meet the minimum group number size stated above, for 2 teams or 1 as stated above for 2011 born players, will be evaluated based on numbers. The obligation will be to efficiently generate 2 teams first based on those numbers and if the numbers do not allow for that to happen, then 1 team will be registered and other group numbers will be explored to see if players are needed to play up an age group – in this case, parents and players will be made well aware of this option and given the decision to do so or not; we will make every possible effort to have 2 teams created per age group (outside of the 2011s) if the number of registrations will allow it

      6. It will be up to the coaching staff to allow or not allow any player to participate and register in Jr United Outdoor 2023 if they do NOT intend to travel to Grand Rapids Cup and simply would like to train

        So What Does The Jr United Outdoor Term Look Like?

        1. Timeline:
        April 1st through August 31st, 2023

        2. Cost $275:
        Includes 2 sessions a week training – NCC rental turf and outdoor city field rental time, 2 jerseys, travel insurance for Grand Rapids Cup tournament, registration fee for Grand Rapids Cup and partial to full coaches and managers recovery fee for 2-night hotel stay in Grand Rapids

        3. Schedule:
        April & May – we will be indoor training at the NCC
        June/July/August – we will be outdoor training at Strathclair fields

        Please see schedule below for weekly dates and times for EACH month as days of the week will change once we actually move outdoors in months June, July and August.

        4. With travel to Grand Rapids Cup planned for August 18 to 20th and registration fee for this tournament included in the Outdoor fee for Jr United, it is fully expected that if you register that you plan to take in this tournament and travel to Grand Rapids that weekend (for a 2 night stay – hotel fee NOT included as part of registration – PLEASE DO NOT BOOK HOTELS FOR THIS WEEKEND WE HAVE THEM ON HOLD FOR OUR PROGRAM AND WILL BE INSTRUCTED WHEN TO BOOK AND HOW) NOTE : ALL Jr United teams except for the 2013 boys will be attending this tournament for outdoor 2023 (2013 boys will be attending Petoskey tournament in early June)

        5. Though each group is mandated to have 2 teams assembled for Grand Rapids, please realize the decision will be left to the coaching staff on how those 2 teams are formulated and in which category those teams will play in. Grand Rapids has multiple competition levels and your coaches will decide how they see fit on distributing their 2 teams and players into the appropriate level (parents will be notified of this from their coaching staff however each player taking in Jr United this summer wanting to travel WILL participate in this tournament)

        6. Any additional tournaments outside of Grand Rapids will be up to coaching staff to decide on which tournaments their groups will attend and which players and how many teams they are planning to take. For reference here is the current tentative plan for groups this summer for additional tournaments. I will emphasize again that for anything outside of Grand Rapids Cup that the coaches will decide how many teams and which players will attend these tournaments – these are a completely separate additional fee and have other costs associated with them;  these are optional tournaments and not mandatory for anyone to participate in. Each group’s parents will be notified very early into the Outdoor term on which players will be attending these tournaments so they can plan accordingly:

        Teams attending Appleton/Wisconsin – Summer Shootout (June): 2013 girls x 2 teams, 2014 girls x 1 team, 2012 girls x 1, 2011 boys x 1 team

        Teams attending Traverse City Cherry Capital Cup (May): 2011 Girls x 1 team, 2014 Boys

        Teams attending Petoskey Fresh Coast Classic (June): 2013 Boys x 2 teams, 2012 boys x 2 teams

        Teams attending Petoskey Autumn Blast (Sept): 2013 Boys

        7. Please remember, house league registration is mandatory to take in Jr United Outdoor 2023 and comes with its own separate fee

        8. Last but most important to think about, please do NOT register for this program if you can NOT commit to this schedule. While we appreciate this takes place over summer months, which is why we try to avoid weekend training in months June/July/August, we do fully expect players to be there for both sessions each week for ALL months month. Yes, there are times when missing a session is unavoidable or vacation plans are scheduled, but if missing a session is a regular occurrence (for example missing 2 or 3 sessions each month) or if this is not a priority to attend each week, then we simply ask you do not register. We want to be fair to all parents, coaches and managers and especially the players. Our managers and coaches put a very substantial amount of time into this program and I personally try to keep these costs as affordable as possible. But just because the fees are manageable that should not equate to the amount of commitment into the program. Please do keep this in mind when registering. Always feel free to reach out to your managers or coaches or myself prior to registration if anything is uncertain.



          *NOTE all April and May sessions will take place @ the NCC

            Saturdays – JR. United Goalie Training
            Turf 2 – 1:00PM to 1:45PM


              2015 Boys
              Mondays – Turf 1 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM
              Saturdays – Turf 1 – 1:00PM to 2:30PM

              2014 Boys
              Mondays – Turf 1 – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
              Saturdays – Turf 2 – 11:15AM to 12:45PM

              2013 Boys
              Tuesdays – Turf 2 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM
              Sundays – Turf 2 – 8:30AM to 10:00AM

              2012 Boys
              Tuesdays – Turf 1 – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
              Saturdays – Turf 1 – 2:45PM to 4:15PM

              2011 Boys
              Thursdays – Turf 2 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM
              Sundays – Turf 2 – 2:30PM to 4:00PM


                2015 Girls
                Thursdays – Turf 2 – 5:00PM to 6:00PM
                Saturdays – Turf 1 – 11:15AM to 12:45PM

                2014 Girls
                Mondays – Turf 2 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM
                Saturdays – Turf 1 –9:30AM to 11:00AM

                2013 Girls
                Tuesdays – Turf 1 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM
                Saturdays – Turf 2 – 2:45PM to 4:15PM

                2012 Girls
                Tuesdays – Turf 2 – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
                Saturdays – Turf 2 – 4:30PM to 6:00PM

                2011 Girls
                Thursdays – Turf 1 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM
                Saturdays – Turf 1 – 4:30PM to 6:00PM

                JUNE, JULY & AUGUST SCHEDULE

                2 weeknight x 1hr sessions per week between Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs evenings

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